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Prof. R. J. Elbin Talks Concussions And New Movie

Professor R. J. Elbin will be on  The Hog Call to discuss concussions in athletics and the new film “Concussion” from Sony Pictures


Concussions have become a hot topic in professional athletics such as football and boxing. The long term effects of this consistent and continuous head trauma experienced by professional athletes long after retirement can be fatal. Due to recent cases involving mental instability that leads to murder-suicide, mental impairment that causes physical disability, and pre-mature death in some instances concussion protocols have been indoctrined into these sports. Dr. R.J. Elbin, a professor at the University of Arkansas and a concussion expert, will be joining The Hog Call on Thursday January 28th, 2016 to duscuss the film, concussion research, and its impact on all levels of sports from pee-wee leagues to professional levels. Tune in every Monday- Friday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on 1190AM or online at You can also call in to the show and give your opinion on the concussion discussion at (877)-496-1190

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